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my 31st
with my skots in ipoh

The first and second week of October was quite hectic for me. A lot of office activities need to be settled down. With NO STAFF problems, most of the work got to be shared among three of us (myself, my SO1 (skot Shuairi) and my SO3 Kapt Rashidy). Some of the major assignment need to be addressed and submitted within this month are the proposal of realignation for the organisational structure of Bahagian Materiel, the preparation of RMAF Materiel Strategik Plan of AFNG, review of promotion exam sillibus for officers and other ranks...and more and more to be coming up.

My offices organized a five 5-day seminar from 13 to 17th Okctober - to review the questions for promotion examanination both for officers and othe ranks. The workshop was conducted in Impiana Hotel, Ipoh.

I came down on the 4th and fifth day of the seminar. I departed form my house at 151630H and reached Ipoh about 1845H.

The planned (two days before) to visit my cadet squad (skot 37) On the 13th Oct, I message Mardzuki to inform him that I will be in Ipoh and have the intention to visit him and Zawiah on the 16th (night). It was my 31st anniversary of my wedding. Just coincident with the date. So, I told Mardzuki to call our SKOTS who staying around Ipoh to come to his house for small gathering. I also told him that, I would like to celebrate my anniversary at his house. And take opportunity to meet my long lost friends. Some of them I never met them since my passing out day in Sebatang Karah Camp (January 1981).

Mardzuki and Zawiah house is in Taman Chepor Indah, near Chemor town. Chemor town is located at the north side of Ipoh City, using teh main road to Sungai Siput. The distance between Ipoh and Chemor is about 17.8km, and from Chemor town to Taman Chepor Indah is about 4km. Chemor is an old town and the population is dominated by the Chinese. In fact, based on the info i read in wikipedia.com, the name of Chemor itself is originated from the Chinese word "Che-Mo" means 'sea urchin' or in Bahasa Melayu is 'bulu babi'.

Pekan Chemor
simpang ke kiri selepas Shell tu adalah jalan ke Taman Chepor Indah

So on the 16th Oct, when I came down from the hotel, about 1930H, the weather was okay. Heavy rain started about 1km approaching to Chemor Town. Since the rain was so heavy, so quite difficult to look for the road and sign board.

Anyway I safely arrived at 2030H. Still heavy rain. It took one hour because I stopped at TESCO Bercham to buy some fruits.

At that time only Sam Foong Sow and Shafri Mohammad already there. Then, one by one arriving. Mohd Yusof Saidi and wife from Taiping followed by Nazli Alias and wife from Lumut, Hasnol Abdullah from Ipoh, Shamsuddin Sulaiman and wife and two daughters from Ipoh, Abu Zahrem form Kuala Kangsar, then and last group was Lokman Abdullah @ Lokman Kupang and wife and Ahmad Fuad Abdullah Thani from Taiping. So plus myself, Mardzuki and Zawiah, total of 12 S37 were present that night.

Initially, Mardzuki prepared the food at the car porch. But due to heavy rain we moved into the house.

Mardzuki seronok melayani tetamu

from left; Yusof's wife, Nazli's wife, my wife and Zawiah

mereka tak pernah jumpa tapi mereka segera menjadi kawan

kalau banyak niii...biasa kalau tak ada orang nampak, 3 bungkuih tak cukup aku.....
..and the ladies with new friends

nowadays, very difficult to have privacy maaaa...nak makan nasi lemak punnn tak senang, always paparazzi keep following us?

Skot Mardzuki was together with me in Kasturi Bn of SPK 1980. He married Zawiah (also our skot) in 1982. Both were commissioned in Royal Service Corps. After his retirement in 1997 he settled down in Melaka for 7 years before finally bought a bungalow house in Taman Chepor Indah, Chemor in 2004. Mardzuki left the Army in the rank of Major. Zawiah left service several years earlier in the rank of Captain. They blessed with 4 children, 3 boys and a girl.

I first met with Mardzuki and Zawiah in 2012 when they came to my office for friendly visit. They are doing small enterpreneurship. After that he came to my office several times for business.


Among them, Hasnol (retired kapten RAMD), Yusof Saidi (now Lt Kol, RAMD) and Ahmad Fuad (retired Kapten KPD), this is my first met with them after we left Sebatang Karah and Segenting in January 1981. Shamsuddin, I last met him in 1990 when we were attending Kursus Imam ATM at Kelana Jaya (organized by KAGAT). He was one of the rank holder (JUO) in Kasturi Bn SSC37 of SPK.

Shamsudin and Ahmad Fuad  in 1980

Nazli also I first met in about two years ago. Since then, I met Nazli for many times during skot's wedding function. I first met with Shafri after SPK was in 2010 during SSC 37 gathering at Sg Besi Camp.

My first meeting with Abu Zahrem was about two years ago during 37's gathering at Kem Sebatang Karah (2012). And for Lokman, I first met him in 2012 during my visit to Monica's house in Taiping.

Two missing Perakan skot that night were Shazarina (Monica) and Asmah Mustapha. The situation will be more cheerful if both of them were around.

Two of 22 squadmate for 1st Ladies Intake SSC

Sam FS withdrew first because she came alone and worry about her security at her arAbout 2300H the rain was left with drizzling. So we moved out and continue our chit-chatting until 2345H.

Thanks and Syukur to Allah swt for giving us an extra age to enable us to sit together after more than 30 years in the special place and moment.

12 skot yang hadir malam itu
Kita semua adalah satu keluarga. Keluarga 37 bukan 69.
S37 berpisah tiada


  1. Mej Mardzuki bin Shulor (B) - host (Kasturi)
  2. Kapt Zawiah binti Ariffin (B)
  3. Kol Hj Toharudin Ab Rasid TUDM (Kasturi)
  4. Kapt Shafri bin Mohamad (B) (Kasturi)
  5. Lt Kol Hj Shamsuddin bin Sulaiman (B) (Kasturi)
  6. Lt Kol Hj Mohd Yusoff bin Saidi (Kasturi)
  7. Kapt Lokman bin Abdullah (B) (Tuah)
  8. Lt Kol Nazli bin Alias (B) (Kasturi)
  9. Lt Kol Sam Foong Sow (B) 
  10. Kapt Hasnol bin Abdullah (B) (Jebat)
  11. Kapt Ahmad Fuad bin Abdullah Thani (B) (Kasturi) 
  12. Kapt Abu Zahrem bin Daud (B) (Jebat)


buat sahabat-sahabat ku di Perak (Ipoh/Taiping/Lumut), terima kasih di atas keikhlasan anda untuk berada di rumah Mardzuki/Zawiah (ada yang bersama isteri/anak) pada malam itu. Aku dan isteri benar-benar terharu dengan kehadiran skot semua. Pastinya hanya disebabkan persaudaraan kita dari TJP37!

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