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The Life of Flight Cadet
+ Unsuccessful Mission +

1.     The Air Force Cadets in SPK were divided into 2 groups. The non-flying cadets will be commissioned with their army intake on 24 Jan 1981. Those who were selected for flying have to proceed for their flying training in RMAF  Alor Setar. We were very unfortunate because we would not be commissioned together with them. The previous intakes (TJP36 backward), all air force cadets were commissioned together with their intake before going for their flying training. Our batch were very unfortunate!. What could we do, this is a new policy from MINDEF.

2.     Therefore, we (about 30 of us) were ordered to pack up our kits whilst the rest of our comrades commenced their commissioning parade training and rehearsal. Tearful moments. After hardly 9 months went through all the hardship together, at the end part, we have to split.  We do not know, when we will meet again.  And truely, after more than 30 years, I never seen more than 75% of them.

3.     We looked at the memorable parade square (padang pawai) beside the beautiful beach of Kem Segenting. Start from learning how to 'sedia', 'senang diri', 'kanan lurus', 'pandang depan', 'kanan pusing', 'kiri pusing', 'belakang pusing' 'cepat jalan', 'angkat kaki paras, hentak padat' and all kinds of drill commands until we completed the foot drills, weapon drills and sword drills. That parade square and the sand beach witnessed us being punished both day and night. Forward rolls, slide rolls (sometimes with FSMO), changes parade etc.

4.     We (flight cadets) get into the 3 tonner accompanied by SSjn Rahman (we called him Staf Rimau) to Seremban Railway Station. We travelled to Alor Setar by train. Staf Rahman was very nice to us that day, totally different compared to the passed 9 months. Upon arriving infront of the Officers' Mess of Pusat Latihan Terbang (FTC), Kepala Batas Alor Setar, numbers of officers were 'hungrily' waiting for us. Staf Rahman 'looked wistfully' handed over the cadets to Lt M (U) Mohd Zain (Adjutant of FTC). That day (i couldn't remember the date - roughly about 1st or 2nd week of January 1981) before the shadow of Staff Rimau disappeared, our 'horrible and miserable' life as flight cadet began.

5.     Two weeks after reporting to No 1 FTC, again we received a new order. Out of 30+ flight cadet, seven (including me) were selected to go for rotary wings training in No 2 FTC, Kluang Air Base. Again we were split into smaller group. But, 2 weeks in Alor Setar was a 'scaring nightmare'. The 'ragging' session which will last until the student were elevated to be a senior was horrifying. What sort of routine life?. Daytime we were required to attend ground school and afternoon games. After dinner we were required to report to the bar (Officers' Mess). By 8pm, we must be back to the room for study prep. At 10pm the seniors (Intake 36) will come to do the room inspection. 

6.     What was happening? What 'discipline and tidiness' we learned for 9 months in SPK was insufficient and couldn't fit the air force requirement. SPK changed us from civi to soldier and military officer,  Pulatibang The clothes must be folded square and staked straight up. The bed sheet must always well-stretched and square, blanket, pillow cover, the shoes etc must be properly placed. If the seniors dissatisfied (off course they will never get satisfied), you could see all sort of things flying over to the ground. End up, everybody (by nature of espirit de corps) will be called and ran down to the grass compound infront of our accomodation block. We were punished (one to another type of punishment) for our mistakes until 2am. Normally, toward the end, no clothes were left at our body. We were consider very lucky, if at the end of the session we still had our drawer (military term for underwear) left at ourbody. Most of the time, the last punishment was 'sea-hunt'. Do you know what is this? You carry the fire extinguisher (like the brand of cod emulsion bottle- fisherman carrying codfish). But naked.

'King Cobra' Competition

7.     What is 'King Cobra???? Haaaaah.... satu malam, kami semua dikumpulkan dalam bilik audio visual, dalam mes Pegawai. Masa tu, semua cuma berbalut kain cadar putih sahaja. Maknanya dalam kosong laaaaa. Ada satu acara khas yang WAJIB dilakukan oleh semua pelatih juruterbang di PULATIBANG 1.

Kami semua duduk atas kerusi, sebaris......

Lampu bilik dipadamkan. Senior buka video ' XX Film'. Masa tu, mana ada internet, jadi tenguk video XX tu dah kira exclusive sangat la tuuuu. Tengah sedap layan syok dengan aksi Mat Salleh dengan Minah Saleh tu....tiba2 senior buka lampu. Seorang senior menjerit.

"Bangun semua, tanggalkan kain!"


Masing2 segera mematuhi arahan.

Bayangkan bro!. Semua pedang tengah tegak terhunus!...SEMUAAAAAAA.....

Apa lagi, sang-sang senior yang telah siap dengan tape pengukur masing-masing segera mengukur semua pedang yang sedang terhunus tuuuhhhh....

'King Cobra' adalah juara yang mempunyai pedang yang terbesar dan terpanjang dalam intake itu.... uh uh uhhhhhhhhhhh.

Who is the 'King Cobra' in my batch? Ohhhhh, demi untuk melindungi maruah individu berkenaaan ia wajar diRAHSIAkan.

KTU dalam pembangunan


8.     My tour in No 1 FTC, RMAF Alor Setar was very short. It was about 3 weeks for Basic Ground School. However, my 3 weeks in AS was full with red dotted. I couldn't imagine if the present RMAF cadet officers were entertained like that.  Among the instructors in 1FTC at that time were Mej Lau Kong Cheng, Mej Abu Hashim, Kapt Marsaleh, Kapt Jaafar Kasim, Kapt Chandra Mohan, Kapt Zulkarnain, Kapt Azahari and Kapt Alang Zari Ishak.....and  since my stint in Pulatibang was too short, I couldn't remember the rest of the instructors.

9.      I also remember that our present TPTU (Lt Jen Dato' Roslan Saad) was only Lt, doing his QFI Course.  Our commandant was Kol (U) Ahmad Merican and the CI was Lt Kol Parameswaran.

10.    Among my super seniors in 1FTC; from Intake TJP 35 were Nazarudin (Naza-later became my good friend), Rajasingam, Haja Najmuddin,  Suhaimi  Shahid (deceased), Chia C K (deceased)  (Suhaimi killed in PC7 crashed and Chia was killed in Caribou crashed). 

11.    Seniors from intake 36 were Ahmad Rusli, Affendi (died in Bulldog air crashed), Mayil, Zulkifli Hadi, Suhaimi, Hasnol, Chew, Roshaimi, Bakar Hassan, Othman Taib, Aziz Achok (deceased), Suhaimi Kadir, Omar, Dzulkarnain, Ng, Khamis Kamal (ex-army) etc. Again I failed to remember all...

12.    One day (after two weeks in 1 FTC), myself and another 5 flight cadets were called by our Adjutant and we were told that 6 of us were selected to go for helicopter flying training at No 2 FTC in RMAF Kluang. Coincidently, 5 out of 6 were Johorean.
  • PK (U) Selvaraj a/l Muthu (ex-airman)- from Ipoh
  • PK (U) Saib bin Saiin - from Felda Gedangsa, Tg Malim
  • PK (U) Lokman bin Abd Rahman- from Muar
  • PK (U) Raveenthran a/l Raman Kutty- from Segamat
  • PK (U) Abd Rahman bin Mohamed- from Segamat
  • PK (U) Toharudin bin Abd Rashid- from Batu Pahat
13.   So, we were asked to get prepared to travel to Kluang (by train). We had about 2 weeks leave before reporting to another 'tiger cage' at RMAF Kluang. 

14.   The life in RMAF Kluang was not as worst as in Alor Setar, but the torturing part was the number of our seniors were triple to us. Further more, we were officer cadets and they were commissioned officers.

15.    This was one of the disadvantages of being 'cadet' as a student in Pulatibang. Our status was between the non-commissioned officer and an officer. No special mess for us, we have to stay in the officer mess (above our entitlement).  The result was- we were bullied by the officers- once get out from our room and you saw our fellow seniors- staright away press up- you did not have to wait for the instruction.  We were surrounded by various category of seniors.  The instructors, senior students (Alouette), super senior students (Nuri), non-flying staff officers, especially ATC officers.  Even the instructors were divided into 2 categories, namely OCs and normal QHI. Perggh, miserable life of lousy officer cadets.

16.    Who is the brilliant officer who proposed the new policy of flying cadets?  He (surely he) should be fried.

17.    Majority of our immediate senior in Kluang were Intake TJP36. However they mixed with some seniors (from senior intake) who join flying later: Those who I could remember were:
  • Lt M(U) Hassan Zahari (SSC34)- course leader for senior intake (Hassan is the son of Datuk Zahari Zabidi -formerly an actor cum film producer). Later, Hassan married to anak 'Mat Salleh' (he left as a Kapt and flying with Sultan Johor's company).  Hassan was such a nice and joyble senior- last I met him when I was serving in TUDM Kuantan 1983 and he was with 10 Sqn before they moved to KL Base. Hassan was very nice senior and treated us very well- he is now working as a pilot in Westar Aviation).
  • Lt M(U) Muhammad Abdul Latif bin Endut (SSC34) he  was later dismissed from the course. However he did well in business and got his Datukship. I met him once in 2003 when I was working in Treasury - he served as a Private Secretary to Datuk Hishamuddin Hussein.  
  • Lt M (U) Mohd Akhtar bin Ahmad Zainudin (SSC34). He was initially went to RAAF Flying School, Point Cook but did not make it. After obtained his wing from PULATIBANG 2 he served in helicopter squadrons before doing his fighter conversion training in 3FTC Kuantan. He retired Kolonel TUDM in 2006 to join corporate sector. He received his Dato'ship in 2010)
  • Lt M Rosni Aziz (he was ex-Army officer SSC33 - now Brig Gen seconded to APMM)
  • Lt M(U) Idris Yusof (left the RMAF as Kapten and he died in road accident 2009)
  • Lt M(U) Sugudev Dass (he died in Kuching- suffered from ragging)
  • Lt M(U) Jaafar Hassan (left as Kapten- he was together with Sugudev reported to Kuching in 1982)
  • Lt M(U) Ridzuan Ahmad Tajuddin (left as Kapten) - he died in 2014.
  • Lt M(U) Ong Ong (chopped from the course- converted to Muslim and changed his name to Muhammad Muzammir Ong- now Kol Hj Muzammir TUDM)
  • Lt M(U) Sulaiman Idris (chopped- and joined Logistic- together with me in Basic Logistics Officers Course- he left as Kapten)
  • Lt M(U) Mohd Noh bin Nordin (chopped- joined Engineering- together with me in Staff College Haigate- and he retired as Lt Kol TUDM) 
  • Lt M(U) Roslan (left as Kapten).
  • Lt M(U) Zulkifli (left as Kapten).

Senior Course Leader: Lt M (U) Hassan Dato' Zahari (Mr Nice and Cool Man) - retired Kapten
Kol (B) Dato' Akhtar Zainuddin
I am sure, If he stays in the RMAF, he would achieve at least 3 star General
 Dato' Muhammad Abdul Latif bin Endut

18.   My intake also had our super senior flying batch - mostly from intake SSC35. Only 5 of them, they were:

  • Lt Prabhakaran Nair (intake 27- retired Lt Kol), 
  • Lt M(U) Mohd Yusoff bin Shariff
  • Lt M(U) Koh anak Ajap
  • Lt M(U) James Tingom (he died in air crashed at Gunung Korbu)
  • Lt M(U) Merejok anak Nueng (later converted to Muslim became Mohd Merejuk- left as Kapt and he died in air crashed at logging area in Sarawak)
  • Lt M(U) Roslan Bujang. 
19.    Other than Prabhakaran and Yusof, the rest were Sarawakians. They were doing Nuri Conversion (OCU) Training.

20.    After completed our Ground School, we were assigned with our personal flying instructor; Rahman and I were assigned to Kapt (U) Syed Busri Tengku Bujang, Lokman Abd Rahman with Kapt (U) Nasrun Omar, Kamaruzzaman Wagiman with Kapt (U) Adnan Ibrahim, Ravintheeran with Kapt Abd Ghaffar Abd Rahman, and Selvaraj with Kapt Nordin Kasim. We flew Bell 47G5-A helicopter. 

21.    And, the life of future RMAF helicopter pilot began.

Bell 47G5A

22.    The practical flying started with doing the pre-flight check on aircraft. Students have to memorize the check list. Check the engine, fuel tank, all the piping, main and tail rotor blade and the cabling etc.

23.    Next, will be reporting to the Control Tower. LATIH 125 (trainee callsign)... POB bla bla bla... request start up over. Control Tower will answer and give the location, weather, wind and etc. Hahaha, this was my weakest point. The AT Controller spoke English very fast. We have to repeat whatever transpired to us.. but.. managed to catch 40% only

left, start-up the aircraft and right: posing in the student crew room
taking part in Tilawah Al Qur'an

24.    First day flying session- one hour ride was just an introduction. Everything shown by the instructor. I just listen and observe. Woooooooooohhhh.... My dream to be a pilot was coming nearer.

25.    My second day also looked well, morale still at high level but my third day onward was not as what expected. The situation changed. Syed Busri started showing his colour.  Every single mistake will be followed by curse and shout.  All the vulgar words came out.  His favourite word was 'p&k#' and f&ck.  Punching, hitting and pinching.  Everytime I landed from my sorty, some parts of my body were swollen, and painful, sometimes wounded- especially my left chin (being punched) and my lips (hit by the bondome microphone).  When he punch at my chin sometimes he banged on  my mic and the mic hit my lips of course it would cause bleeding. Torturing life of flying student.  What I can do, that's my own option.

26.    I also experienced flying with other instructor such as Kapt Abd Ghaffar Abd Rahman (personal instructor to Ravee), Kapt Adnan Ibrahim (personal instructor to Lokman) and Kapt Nordin Kassim (Selva's instructor). Ghaffar just slightly lower 'weight' than Syed Busri.  He and Syed Busri got different hobby.  He liked to pinch at my waist (when I did mistake or he did not happy with my performance).  Since the instructor sat on my left, so my left waist would become a victim.  After each sorty, I found that my waist swollen (became reddish or purplish) and very painful (pedih). Nordin was also nice instructor.  Adnan and Nordin never man-handled their students.

27.    Adnan was totally different compared to most of the instructor.  He was very nice and cool. Never raised his voice and had full control of his temperature.  If i did a mistake he will laugh or smile at me (even sometimes looked cynical smile.  But I got him at the later stage when I already at the lowest morale to fly.

28.    From one day to another, I was getting weaker and losing my morale and spirit to continue my flying.  My inspiration to be a pilot was deteriorating.  Eventhough I knew that everybody (flying trainees) faced that kind of suffering experience and took it as part of the life of future pilot. I felt so bad, so deprived and so depressed because my other comrades did not faced as bad as I was.  They got better and nicer instructor.

29.    All those things were demoralized and demotivated me and also made me lost my confidence and interest to fly. I could not focus my flying any more.  My performance was getting worse from day to another. Every night was a nightmare because the next day was not a day that I did not like to face.

30.    After crossing the hours where I supposed to go for my solo flying, I did not qualify.  I was given extra hours in order to help me to improve my flying.  I was given a chance to fly with another instructor, Kapt Adnan Ibrahim.  He was the softest among them. Never raise his voice, never touch the student and never use any vulgar words. But it was too late.  I already lost my interest. When I was in the air, I became blank.

31.    Finally I was  flying with the OC Basic School, Mej Musa Hassan.  That was the procedure, the POOR student will be handed over to OC for final evaluation before further action to be taken.  BUT as what I said before, It was too late.  Looking to all my counterparts had been doing solo flying, my determination to go further was deteriorated.  Until today, I do not blame my instructor as a cause of my failure.  The had done their job well to make me a pilot. But, I know that I was not born to be PILOT. So, I should blame myself for not enough efforts and commitment.

Survival Course di Pulau Tioman
dengan FSjn Yasser (AQM Alouette)

32.    Finally, they officially chopped me from the flying training. After being interviewed by the 'Board' I opted to change to Supply Branch. They attached me at Supply Wing under Mej Mohamed Hussein (OC Supply). And, sometime in Oct 1981, I was selected to attend a short Air Movement course at Kinrara. Upon completion my a month course, I was posted to RMAF Kuching.

Base Leadership
  • Commandant: Lt Kol (U) Hussein bin Supian (retired Brig Jen Dato')
  • Dy Comdt/Chief Instructors: Mej (U) Abdul Razak bin Abd Aziz (retired Mej Jen Dato')
  • OC QHI: Mej (U) Abdullah bin Hamzah (retired Kol)
  • OC OCU Nuri: Mej (U) Lim Aik Peng  (retired Mej)
  • OC Advance: Mej (U) Abdul Jalil (passed away in 1990 -Lt Kol)
  • OC Basic: Mej (U) Musa bin Hassan (retired Mej)
  • OC Engineering: Mej (U) Din Yati bin Dahlan (retired Lt Kol)
  • OC Supply: Mej (U) Mohammed bin Hussein (passed away Mej)
  • OC Admin: Mej (U) Zakaria bin Ismail (retired Mej)
  • SEATCO: Mej (U) Chin Yoon Sem/ Mej (U) Quek Swee Chye
  • Instructor OCU:
    • Kapt (U) Yahya bin Abd Rahman
  • Instructor Advance (A103B):
    • Kapt (U) Hashim bin Hamzah
    • Kapt (U) Abdul Hadi bin Abd Khattab (left Brig Jen Datuk)
    • Kapt (U) Abu Bakar bin Md Said (retired as Lt Jen Dato')
    • Kapt (U) Ahmad bin Abdullah
    • Kapt (U) Hashim bin Darus
    • Kapt (U) Mohd Nazir bin Kassim
    • Kapt (U) Wee Hoe Chong
    • Kapt (U) Tunku Adnan bin Tunku Kassim
  • Instructor Basic (Bell 47G):
    • Kapt (U) Nordin bin Kassim
    • Kapt (U) Nasrun bin Omar
    • Kapt (U) Abd Ghaffar bin Abd Rahman
    • Kapt (U) Syed Busri bin Tengku Bujang
    • Kapt (U) Adnan bin Ibrahim
  • Other Base Officers:
    • Kapt Shahidan Abd Razak (Eng)
    • Kapt Siti Aishah (Sup)
    • Kapt Ainuddin (Adm)
    • Lt (U) Tarmizi Hj Yom (ATC)
    • Lt (U) Mustapha bin Abu Bakar (ATC)
    • Lt M (U) Khairul Kamal (ATC)
    • Lt M (U) Jegathesan

33.    I was commissioned on 1 July 1981, and the commissioning ceremony happened in the RMAF Kluang Commandant's office.  The Commandant was on course, so the rank was put on my shoulder by the CI (acting Comdt), Mej (U) Abdul Razak Abdul Aziz.

34.    Some young officers were attending QHI Course:
  • Kapt (U) Abdul Karim bin Abdul (now Mej Jen Dato')
  • Lt (U) Jamal bin Abu Bakar - retired Mej Jen Dato'
  • Lt (U) Hassan bin Suman - left Kapt
  • Lt (U) Mazlan bin Abas (now Mej Jen Dato').

35.    These officers were also in Kluang for their OCU Alouette course; namely Lt Abd Razak Ahmad (now Kol). Lt Mohd Ariff (left Kapt) and Lt(U) Park Thin Tart (armed forces football player).

My OC Basic, Mej(U) Musa Hassan was very nice person. His wife (Kak Dalila) also nice and they have  a cute daughter 'Farah'.  I first met Mej(U) Musa was in 1979 when I attended my SSC37 Officer Cadet interviews in Majidee Camp. He was one of the SO2 in Tenaga Kerja 'C' at that time. I could not remember when he left the service, but in the rank of Major. He joined private flying firm/academy. I met him (after his retirement) once in LIMA in early 2000. Sadly, I heard that he already divorced with Kak Dalila.

I would like to recall one joke (unintentionally) made by Mej(U) Musa.  This joke is related toour flying training.  In Bell helicopter, the cyclic control stick was very very sensitive.  For the new students who were rough in handling the system.  Just slight touch to the stick would effect the aircraft moving forward or became unstable.  So,we must handle it softly or gently.  

One day I flew with Mejar(U) Musa me. As one of the poor trainer, I felt so difficult to handle the cyclic stick nicely (during hovering), so the aircraft  could not stay hovering in stable, mean moving or yawing.  So he (Musa) ask me "Apa ni Toha, hover ke apa ni, goyang sana sini?". I kept quiet, trying hard to control. Still shivering. Toha, aku tau lah, kalau tak ada angin, pokok tak bergoyang, tapi berok yang goyang, macam mana?".  I laughed in my heart. In my mind, ni dah last chance, fly the OC, kalau dah tak boleh jugak, memang tak boleh terbang la nampaknya. 

Mej Musa Hassan (Bersara) - 2 pic from his facebook (2011)

36.    Again, talk about the losing in the life of flight cadets.  In 1981, the basic salary of 2nd Lt was RM700-750.  For the flying students you add another RM150 flying allowance.  The allowance of the senior officer cadets was RM450 (extra RM50 frm SPK).  No allowance on top of allowance. So flight cadets were not entitled for flying allowance.  And the length of flying training took up about 12 to 24 months - the syllabus depend on the flying hours - the flying hours depend on the serviceability of aircraft  and also weather.  Lucky those years the serviceability of RMAF aircraft was quiet lucrative.  The less aircraft serviceable or the longer raining season the longer period of the flying course. 

37.    The longer the flying course, the longer we have to wait for our first pip (2nd Lt).  Just imagine, if the flying training took 18 months. Calculate: [(750-450) + 150] x 18 = you lost RM8100.  In 1981/82 the value of RM8100 is like RM81000 today.  I remember, at that time, you can buy a terrace house for RM12000 and the cost of the same type of house today can reach RM120,000. 

38.    Sir, thank you for 'chopping' me from the flying school at the earliest point.  The longer I stay in flying school, the more Iost accumulated.

almarhum Lt Gen Datuk Mohamed bin Taib, the Chief of Air Force (1977-1984)
He is the Chief when I was in TUDM Kluang, he came down once to launch and deliver the present for Flight Safety poster competition. I got 4th and 5th position. 

39.    Graduan juruterbang helikopter TJP37:
  1. Lt M (U) Abdul Rahman din Mohamad (left Kapten)
  2. Lt M (U) Kamarulzaman bin Wagiman (left Mejar)
  3. Lt M (U) Lukman bin Abd Rahman (left Kapten)
  4. Lt M (U) Raveentheran a/l Ramankutty (left Mejar)- migrated to Australia
  5. Lt M (U) Saib bin Saiin (left Mejar)
# all left service

40.   Manakala yang gagal: 
  1. Lt M(U) Selvaraj a/l Muthu - Logistics (left Kapten)
  2. Lt M (U) Toharudin Abd Rasid - Logistics (now Kolonel TUDM)

Those who went through the basic helicopter flying course in Pulatibang 2 TUDM Kluang: from left Rahman, Kamaruzaman, Raveen and Lokman (not in the pic: Saib)  

Passing out parade and wing presentation at Kluang. The parade commander was then Tunku Mahkota Johor, Tunku Ibrahim Ismail (now Sultan of Johor)
(with courtesy from skot Ravee)

41.    Graduan juruterbang sayap kaku TJP37:
  1. Lt M (U) Abdul Wahid bin Yusoff - Transport (he left in the rank of Lt)
  2. Lt M (U) Ahmad Jamari bin Ahmad - Transport - he was selected to go for RAAF Flying School, Point Cook but came back to 1FTC (retired as Lt Kol)
  3. Lt M (U) Ahmad Razlah bin Hj Ahmat - Transport (left Kapten)
  4. Lt M (U) Ajmain bin Harith - Transport (left Mejar)
  5. Lt M (U) Alias bin Hamdan - Transport (left Mejar)
  6. Lt M (U) Felix Gonsalvez a/l Alexander - Fighter* (now Kol TUDM)
  7. Lt M (U) Bakeri bin Hj Baki - Transport (left Kapten)
  8. Lt M (U) Hashim bin Hamzah - Transport (left Kapten)
  9. Lt M (U) Jumali bin Salamat - Transport*  (now Kol TUDM)
  10. Lt M (U) Khairil Asri bin Baharin - Fighter (then changed to Transport)*  (now Kol TUDM)
  11. Lt M (U) Kamalruzaman bin Mohd Othman - Fighter*  (now Mej Jen TUDM, Dato')
  12. Lt M (U) Kamarudin bin Ibrahim - Transport (died in air crash- Mejar)
  13. Lt M (U) Lokman bin Abdullah - Transport (left Mejar) - he changed to Admin Branch during his 2Lt.
  14. Lt M (U) Md Rahim bin Hj Ismail - Fighter (left Kapten)
  15. Lt M (U) Musa bin Shariff - Transport (left Kapten)
  16. Lt M (U) Romlee bin Hj Yahaya - Transport*  (now Brig Jen TUDM, Datuk)
  17. Lt M (U) Saleh bin Hj Amil - Transport (left Mejar)
  18. Lt M (U) Sanusi bin Samion - Fighter*  he was selected to go for RAAF Flying School, Point Cook but came back to 1FTC (now Brig Jen TUDM, Dato')
  19. Lt M (U) Syed Ahmad bin Syed Abdullah - Transport (left Mejar)
# all left service except *

42.    Yang gagal:
  1. Lt M (U) Abd Rashid bin Suhaimee - Navigator (now Kepten (Maritim) - he died in 2014
  2. Lt M (U) Adlan bin Abdul Kadir - he changed to Engineering Branch (he left as Kapten)
  3. Lt M (U) Ahmad Sabari bin Said - changed to Admin Branch (he left as Kapten)
  4. Lt M (U) Haldin bin Sudin - Admin (died in road accident- Lt Muda)
  5. Lt M (U) Mohamad Shuairi bin Abdullah - he changed to Logistics (now Lt Kol TUDM)
  6. Lt M (U) Mohd Zuki bin Abd Rahman - he was selected for RAAF Flying School but not successful. He left service at 2Lt.
  7. Lt M (U) Othman bin Md Jahim - he changed to Logistics (retired as  Mejar)
  8. Lt M (U) Othman bin Harun - he changed toLogistics (left Mejar)
  9. Lt M (U) Rajakandan a/l Ratnasingam - he changed to Logistics Branch (retired as Mejar)
  10. Lt M (U) Zolkeple bin Ayob - he changed to Logistics Branch (retired as Mejar)
Those (my intake) who went through the basic fixed wing flying course in Pulatibang 1 TUDM Alor Setar

RMAF Kluang Today

In 1994, RMAF Kluang base was handed over to Army in conjunction with the establishment of Army Aviation Unit (PUTD). And, Pulatibang 2 been relocated to RMAF Alor Start as part of Air Force College.

Kluang Railway Station


I received this'email' from Maj (Rtd) Raveenthran s/o Ramankutty on 10th Jan 2011...responding to my blog....

Ravee here, TJP 37 PKU 371250. I saw your blog online and Hassan Zahari also forwaded your link too. Happy to hear you have done well, congratulations on your achievement. You have taken a lot of trouble to put up the blog. Thank you very much.

Some corrections, first, my service number is as above not 1253 and also I left as a Major not Kapt. 16 tahun 3 bulan dan 9 hari service. My family and I are living in Australia since 2002. We have 3 boys 23, 20 and 17. I am still flying, at the moment with Bristow Helicopters Australia on the Super Puma As 332 and EC 225. Our main role is offshore flying to the oil rigs.

Going back to 2nd April 1980, I was also on that train from Kluang to Seremban, my father came to send me off and he told Lukman to look after me!! 

On that fateful first day of training, fortunately or unfortunately I ended up with a drill boot landing on the back of my head, hence I was sent to RSAT and missed almost half of the remaining drill. 

I am happy to see through your blog that many of our 'skot' have done very well.


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