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1.      2nd April 1980 was a historic date in my life. That day, i decided to leave all my freedom life as a ordinary person and set my mind to start a new career  into the new world called 'military life'.

  Why Military? 

2.      Prior to that, lets me tell you why and what factors that led me to join the military? I was really frustrated when I failed my Architecture course in UTM (1977-1979).  I was really embarrassed with my failure especially to my parents.  They had very high hope (expectation) as  I was their first child managed to have a place in university. It took nearly six month (hanging around in KL) before i got back my confidence and 'semangat' to go back home and face my family. I was hanging in KL doing nothing in my rental house in Jalan Bukit Keramat 4 (with my ex-coursemates). End up with pocket getting dried up, i got no choice, go back to my kampong helping my parent in 'kebun getah, kelapa sawit and kopi' until I meet my new way forward. 

3.      How long i will be hanging like this? SPM 1st grader hanging around in kampong!. My mind was spiraling to find solutions. To further study ? (next choice will be ITM). I don't want to cause more trouble to my father (to support me). To work? Who want to employ 1st grader? The potential employer would know that I only look for temporary job. 

4.      When i was in KL, I tried to apply jobs, among others were 'JKR draughtman' and 'kerani syarikat bas ekspress' but after interview, I didn't get the answer.

  Phases of Interview 

5.      Quietly I applied for Officer Cadet training (for the second time). I received an invitation letter (for the  interview) KP/JAWAT/TK(C)/2147/1 dated 4 Dec 1979 from MINDEF and I went to the interview at JB Garrison (Majidee Camp) and I was very fortunate, I passed all the physical and theoretical tests. I also passed through the No 3 Board Interview on 4 Jan 1980 at 2 Rgr JB Garisson . I also succeeding my aero-medical test in IPP,KL Base from 15 to 18 January 1980 (Ref letter KP/JAWAT/ TK(C)/2147/1 dated 9 Jan 1980, signed by Kapt Ramli bin Omar.  I am still keeping all those letter.

6.      The aircrew medical test was to qualify me to be a candidate for air force cadet and going for 'RMAF Flying Training' after the basic military training in SPK.   

Gambar terakhir sebagai 'civilian' sebelum lapor diri ke SPK (menjalani 'aircrew medi-check' di IAM, KL Base) Who were in the photo?... 
from left; Lokman Abd Rahman, Syed Ahmad, Lokman Abdullah, me and Raveenthran - all the Johorean candidates (we were attending the first round interview until No 3 Board together)

7.      Throughout the air crew medical test program at Institute of Aero Medicine, we were staying at KL Base Sergeant Mess.  At that time there were airwomen staying nearby our block.  Biasalah bila orang-orang bujang nampak anak dara muda-muda (air women).  Tegur menegur. End up, before we leave the mess we managed to invite them for the cinema at KL city.  Forgotten who were they.

8.      Finally, I received an offer letter from SPK (Ref: A/68/37 dated 18 Mac 1980 signed by Mej Ahmad bin Daud)  instructing me to report to Kem Seginting, Port Dickson on 2 Apr 1980. The train warrant from Kluang to Seremban was also attached.

9.      So, on the 2nd April 1980, I left my kampong on to Kluang railway station. I couldnt remember who sent me off that day but my mother and one of my brother was there. After shake and kiss her hand, I did not see her any more. I did not dare, coz it will make me tears. After the train moved forward then I could feel my tears flowing down. BUT No Turning Back. I had decided my way of life, something that was not in my parents' mind. Eventhough last 4 years, Amir (my cousin who was staying with our family since his age of eight) had also made his way into the military (also Air Force) life, but not me. Poor boy. I couldn't imagine, what was in their mind.

Note: My cousin Amir joined the Recruit Training Centre in Port Dickson (1977), enrolled into the RMAF Engineering Branch, mastered in Air Frame.  He retired in 1999 as Warrant Officer I.  Most of the time he served in Kuantan Air Base until his retirement. 

10.     In the train I met Kamarulzaman Wagiman and Lokman Abd Rahman (both attended the interview with me at JB). I also met Yohanez and Marmilah  for the first time (ladies cadet candidate) and both get into  the coach at Segamat Railway Station).

11.     We arrived Seremban Railway Station and convoyed to Kem Segenting, Port Dickson (by 3 tonner or truck). Along the way, actually I was blank, still in dilemma, either I my decision to come here was right ot wrong?

kenangan nostalgik- Stesen Keretapi Seremban
(route to the Army Town)

12.     I started my 'hell of military life' and known of Short Commissioned Cadet Intake 37 or "TJP 37" at Sekolah Pegawai Kedet (SPK), Kem Sebatang Kara, Port Dickson (for the regular intake cadet, their training conducted at RMC, Sg Besi Camp). Our Commandant was Kol Mohd Zain bin Daud and the CI was Lt Kol Adnan bin Abd Aziz.

Kol Mohd Zain bin Daud (Komandan)- allahyarham

 Familiarization and Orientation

13.     The first 3 days in Seginting Camp we were doing the administrative works. The real military life was not come yet. We were issued with set of training apparels:
  • 2 pairs of PD Green (for drills)
  • a pair of drill boot
  • 2 pairsof PT kits- blue shorts and green T-shirts. (we called it PT Bodoh)
  • 2 pairs of combat celoreng.
  • 2 pairs of grey socks.
  • complete hoversacks.
  • green belt
  • a pair of pouches.
  • a pair of jungle boots.
  • 2 pairs of drawers (seluar dalam laaa).
  • sport shoes (white color- but later we were instructed to 'kiwi; it to black!)
  • complete mess tins and mug etc.
14.     Hair cutting was the first sign of 'uniformity'. More than 5 barbers were assigned to 'tebas' our hairs.  But easy job, no haircut fashion demand from the customers.  They just set their electrical haircutters to the minimum, start from the back neck and  push to the forehead. Less than ten moves, the next turn will be ready to take the seat. Tears looking at our bundle of hair dropped onto the floor. Gonjeng! 

15.     The next day will be our 'D day - Taking an Oath - signing Sumpah Setia Angkatan Tentera (or well known as 'Cap Jari Sepuluh') and orientation day- supposed to be the program where all the cadets will be shown to various location and site of training.  The whole day, all the cadet were excitedly preparing themselves such as signing their drill boots, and ironing the uniforms.

The situation' during the signing the 'Sumpah Setia ATM' - courtesy of Skot Affendi Yahya 

16.     Third day. That morning we were directed to gather inside the hall. Wearing PD Green with drill boots. Every body was given a last chance (3 time offer) if any body willing to withdraw before the 'sumpah perwira' taking place. After taking an oath...and printed our 10 fingers.... our life as a soldier began. First we were introduced with a line PTIs.  

17.     The 'salam perkenalan 'to the Seginting Camp stated with running around the accomodation blocks. Not only running, we had to duck walk and frog jump. Those who late response will be kick at the back or buttock.  All the cadets were forced to run and climb up the hillside and then ordered to slide roll downhill.  So, just imagine, cadets were hitting, kicking and overolling each other. Everybody wanna finish the order fast and 'survival'.  Many of us were injured/wounded, mostly caused by rock/stone edge (at the hillside) and the iron 'horse shoe'.

18.     Some of us were trying to help their injured friends but were kicked by the PTIs.

One of the orientation parts - cartoon drawn by Affendi Yahya

19.     From Kem Segenting, we were ushered (kena hayak) to Kem Sebatang Karah and another torturing field near to the obstacle course.  Almost all were 'muntah hijau' means everything poured out until nothing left inside the stomach. I myself was pissed off inside my clothes during the torture session and end up dried by itself.  Just imagine, how long was the introduction programme. 

20.     The result of the day, two cadets (Shaharudin and Chin) were died due to serious injuries and over exhaustion, and many more suffered serious injuries but survived. Some of them were admitted in the hospital for more than 3 weeks.

21.     That night, everybody had their own nighmare- voice of tearing, crying and raving can be heard all over the accomodation barracks.  One of my friends said, one of them had went up to 'psycho' level, taking off his clothes. Almost ALL were sound SO REGRET for joining the cadet training. Me too. I lost all my words -became DUMBO - just laid down on my bed, looking at the roof (no ceiling), stupidly asking my soul 

"Toha, have it. This to pay your stupidity for not working hard in your study. You have 1st Grade in your SPM, you had been given the best in your life, have a route to become an architect (to study in UTM), you wasted the opportunity, you have hundred of options but why you came here become a military cadets?"

My soul answered 

"You are too late, do not look back, move forward.  Orang kampung semua dah tau, kau hanya akan balik dengan pangkat Leftenen Muda! kalau kau lari balik, kau tak malu ke??"

Yes, from that moment, I never think of giving up from the training.

22.     For about a week, our body muscle became tense and stiffen (especiall at the joints).  Could not sit  and squat straight- especially when you wanted to 'berak'.

Hereby I  scatched the flow of movement of the orientation parade.  It was started at Block M (place of taking oath)- Point J was the place where the cadets were instructed to climb the hillside (up to the fiend) and slide roll down. The torturing session ended at the obstacle course at Kem Sebatang Karah (Point Q).  Then all the cadet were asked to run back to their respective block at Kem Seginting.  The total distance may be more than 6 km

23.     The consequence of the incident (orientation program), the Board of Inquiry (BOI) was formed up.  At that time I do not understand what the HELL is BOI all about.  What I could remember, all the PTIs involved in the orientation were lined up and all the cadets were instructed to walk infront of them to recognise who were manhandled (or overdone) the cadets.  Oh fuck man! Do you think we can remember their faces?  Tendency to point the wrong person was there.

24.     What we heard later was, one or two PTIs were suspended from their duty (not fired). The name was SSgt Mxzxrxn (No. I will not reveal his name- I think all of my intake  still remember him). 

25.     At that time (1980s) where many of our soldiers were killed by the bandit in the jungle operations. So who cares? This is military training- that was the risk you have to face.  If the incident happend today, I believed it will come out as Head Line.

  Kasturi Battalion  
The barracks for Kasturi Bn (3 white building on the left were Bn HQ)- the CO's office at the middle block. my barrack (B Coy) was the most right one

26.     Initially, after the registration day, the whole intake of cadets (about 275) were put in one 'Cadet Batallion' located in Kem Seginting, Port Dickson. The main reason was, at that time or seniors (Intake 36) which supposed to be commissioned in January/Feb 1980 was extended another 3 months (due to their failure in the final exercise). They occupied the dedicated SPK Camp in Kem Sebatang Karah. Their commissioning parade was postponed to May 1980. The Camp now is developed as an Army College campus (I had the opportunity to visit the construction during my  3-day workshop at PLPM from 5-7 Jan 2011)

27.     After the TJP36 being commissioned, TJP37 was divided into 3 battalions, Tuah battalion moved up to Kem Sebatang Karah and Jebat and Kasturi Battalion occupied in Kem Seginting. The identity of the Battalion was differentiated by the colour of the Appaulette.  Red for Tuah, Yellow for Jebat and Green for Kasturi.

TJP37 Kasturi Battalion

Note: The photo was taken on the parade square. If you can see the white stair case (photo background). There are 64 stairs from the ground level (parade square) to reach the football field up there. During the orientation day (led by the PTI), all the cadets were forced to run climb the hillside and slide roll down. Two cadets (Shaharudin and Chong were died due to serious injuries) and many more suffered serious injuries but survived.

   Battalion Leadership  

  • Mej Fathol Zaman bin Bokhari (CO) - retired Lt Col.
  • Kapt Salahuddin bin Ahmad (2 i/c)
  • Kapt Fazlur Rahman bin Mohd Irfan (retired Mej Jen Dato'- Army Asst Chief- Reserve Corp)
  • Kapt Wong Ah Tai (OC B Coy)- retired Major
  • Kapt Sunny Mathews (OC C Coy)- retired Major
  • PW2 Mohd Som Salleh (Batt Sgt Major).
Cadet Rank Holders:

  • Senior Under Officer (SUO): 
    • PK Vijayan
  • Junior Under Officer:
    • PK Hamdan bin Othman
    • PK Harbajhan Singh Sandhu
    • PK Anuar bin Mohd Yusof
  • Cadet Sergeant:
    • PK Sanusi bin Samion
    • PK Azlan Sha bin Abd Aziz
    • PK 

Mej Fathol Zaman (left) and Kol Mohd Zain Daud (Commandant)

Mejar Kassim Abd Kadir (bersara Lt Kol - telah meninggal dunia)

Mej Fathol Zaman bin Bokhari RRD (bersara Lt Kol)

Course Subjects 

28.     In OCS (SPK) we learnt the following subjects:

  • Drill (Kawat)- including 'kawat kaki, kawat senjata dan kawat pedang'.
  • Physical Training (PT) including long march and obstacles.
  • Field Warfare Knowledge (Ilmu Medan Perang @ IMP) - including Ikhtiar Hidup)..
  • Weapon (handling and firing) SLR, M16, Pistol, GPMG, Carl Gustav and Mortar.
  • Military Tactics
  • Map Reading.
  • Administration.
  • Staff Duties.
  • Signal and Radio Communication.
  • General Service Knowledge.
  • Military Leadership and Etiquette.
  • Military Laws
  • Preservation Of Public Order (POPO)
  • War Exercises (Escape & Evasion and Ex-Wira Jaya)
Physical Training

29.     Health and Fitness is a basic requirement in the military. If you are unfit- at the first stage during the first day of cadet interview, you will be booted out.  Fit at the entry is oner thing - to maintain fitness throughout is more and more important.  So the PT was a compulsory as a daily programme throughout the period of the cadet training.

30.     Cadet had to wake up as early as possible and  must be on the roll-call for PT by 0630H. The PT session will take about 45 minutes- and it was really vevry very long time before we went for our shower and followed by breakfast. 

31.     The main reason of PT was to strengthen our muscle especially our arm, stomach and foot.  basic PT stared from light PT like stretching (warming up) and static running go to heavier one such press up, sit up, star jump, duck walk, frog jump and etc- then getting heavier and heavier such as darling carry, fireman lift etc.  The PTs we did not in favour were log PT and pocky drill.  One batang of 'log' can perform a variety of group exercise (style) - the bottom line was HEAVY.  Pocky drill was a PT of using arm (weapon- normally rifle) to strengthen our arms. At the end of the session, we felt that our arms had no power to lift the riffle. So tired and so weak. Sometimes (because of disliking) we called it 'puki drill'.

32.     Side roll, forward roll, backward roll were not a PT but a punishment.


Long March

33.     One of the tough program in the cadet training syllabus was Long march or Jalan Lasak.  Long March is part of Physical Training.  This program was really testing our mental and physical strength. The shorter range was less torture.  Starting from 3 miles (not kilometer huh) go to 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m and finally 25m.  

34.     Off course the most torturing was 25m, where the event started at 9pm and finishing the next day about 9-10am.  The route was variable from main road (tarmac), kampung , rubber or oil palm estate tracks.

Uniforms and Dresses

36.     In the first time we were wearing PD Green for our class room training - the same uniform  were used for daily drill (kawad) training. For night class we were wearing our own planters order (slacks, long sleeves shirt and neck-tie).  In this term, the ARMED FORCES TAILOR from Sungai Besi (RMC) named 'Mak Yew Tailor' brought down to SPK to measure all the cadet officers for our:

  • Pakaian No 1 - ceremonial dress
  • Pakaian No 2 - bush jacket
  • Pakaian No 3 - working out - two pairs
  • Pakaian No 5 - mess kits
  • Two pairs of planters order - pakaian senang (one light brown and one blue)
  • Long Suit, and.......
37.     So, start from the first month of training, our RM400 cadet allowance were deducted for various fund and payment including this Mak Yew fund, left us a balance to the pocket about RM150 a month. 


38.     Character is the foundation for all we will do as a soldier and all we can become. Throughout our training, we all learned the Seven Military Values:

Selfless Service
Personal Courage


39.     Among the commanders and instructors who I could still remember were:

  • Maj Mohamad bin Ibrahim (RRR) (retired Lt Col) - CO Tuah Bn.
  • Maj Hon Mun Long (RRR) (retired Brig Gen, Dato')- CO Jebat Bn.
  • Maj Fathol Zaman bin Mohd Buhari (RRR) (retired Lt Col)- CO Kasturi
  • Mej Kassim bin Abd Kadir PGB (RRR) (retired Lt Kol - deceased)
  • Mej Hashim bin Puteh (retired Lt Col).
  • Kapt Mohammad Sultan (RRR) (retired and died in 2009).
  • Kapt Che Hasni bin Ahmad (RAC) (retired Mej Jen Dato'- Commander of Army Training Command).
  • Kapt Abd Aziz (RMR) (retired Lt Col).
  • Kapt Ekbar Mohamad Sultan (RRR) (retired Mej).
  • Kapt Md Shah Harun (RMR) (2i/c Jebat) - retired Maj (once was my neighbour in OMQ Block 4501, Lorong Golok, Kem KEMENTAH).
  • Kapt Hamzah Ahmad (RAC) - School's Adjutant.
  • Kapt Nazaruddin (RAC) (retired Mej)
  • Kapt Fazrlurrahman bin Mohd Irfan (RMR) (retired Mej Jen Dato' - last appointment was AKS Pasukan Simpanan TD).
  • Kapt Vincent Sinnapan a/l Mickal (RSC)
  • Kapt Murad (RMR)
  • Kapt Hasbullah (RMR)
  • Kapt Ganeson a/l Alwar (RRR)
  • Kapt Amiruddin bin Mat Zan (RMR).
  • Kapt Suthakaran a/l Pillai (RRR)
  • Kapt Sunny Mathews (RRR)
  • Kapt Wong Ah Tai (RER)
  • Kapt Salahudin bi Ahmad (RSR)
  • Kapt Rahmat bin Mohamad (RAR).................a lot of story about him.
  • Kapt Hamid bin Ahmad (RAR).
  • Kapt Kamarudin bin Mohammad (RMR)
  • Kapt Rosli bin Mohd Yusof (RMR).
  • Kapt Dahari Hussein (RMR)- (retired Mej Jen Dato'- Director of Army Intelligence).
  • Kapt Mohamad bin Bidin (ROC).
  • Kapt Mohd Affendy bin Abdullah (REMEC) - (retired Mej Jen Dato'- as Asst COS Defence Logistic, MAF HQ).
  • Kapt Jalilul Mahali (RRR).
  • Kapt Mohd Zakuan bin Mohd Noor (RER)
  • Kapt Khalilul Rahman bin Hj Ahmad (RAC).
  • Kapt Abd Mubin (GSC(Pay)
  • Kapt Lim Eng Tai (RSC) - retired Lt Kol.
  • Kapt (U) Fauzi bin Abd Rahman (RMAF Rep).
  • Kapt (U) Erwin Ratnasingam (RMAF Rep).
  • Lt Adri Juhan bin Abdullah (RMN Rep)- retired Kept TLDM.
  • LtM Norhuda Ahmad (RIC) - now Brig Jen in Intelligence Corps.

Norhuda (Hud)- first Armed Forces woman from GD officer promoted to Brig Jen


40.     RM400/month. However, every month after all the deductions (uniforms, mess bills ect), only left about RM100-150 in our pocket. The allowance were paid in cash. We call it 'gaji tepuk'.  We have to queue infront of our Paymaster every month to receive our pay (allowance).

Overseas Cadet School

41.     Towards the end of the training, some of our comrades were selected for overseas Cadet Schools, among them were Ahmad Hasbullah and Isha Manap (going to Portsea, Australia); Rahim Mohamad and Tahir (Sandhurst)


42.     The 9 month training was crushed and intensive. So, not much time space for games or sport. But, to maintain the morale, espirit d'corps and create competitive environment between the 3 battalions, the school organized were games competition. Only football and volleyball. I was in Kasturi volleyball team.... but as a subtitute player.

Inter-Battalion Tournament
Jebat Bn (blue) vs Kasturi (green)
Badrul Hisham (died in sea capsize 1983), extreme right is PK Abd Halim
Squatting extreme left is PKU Romlee (now Kol), 3rd from left is PKU Abd Rashid Suhaimee (now Kept APMM)





Left: Dining Hall of Bn Kasturi TJP 37, Right: Dinner with TJP 38
(abang pakai planters order, adik pakai baju kebangsaan)

PK Sharifuddin, PK Rusli (he absent twice & discharged), PK Khairudin and Me

Lt Kol Adnan Abdul Aziz (CI), Kol Mohd Zain Daud (Comdt) & Mej Fathulzaman (Bn CO)

Instructor checking hankerchief before going to dinner party
(in uniform is Kapt Jalilul Mahali- dia ni kira kategori JL yang baik- tak pernah sentuh kedet)

Me and Saib (in track-suit) with our junior (TJP38) Cadet Officer Mohd Nor Bon (my buddy-buddy)- 
Saib retired as Major (chopper pilot) and Md Noor (Bond) retired as Capt and changed his 
career into more glamorous life, ie to be a businessman cum drama actor.

Ready for night class prep
Stdg from left, PK Zamanhuri (deceased), PK Nazli (Lt Kol), PK Shahrin (rtd), PKU Kamaruzaman W (rtd Kapt), PK Shamsudin (Lt Kol), PK Salim K (Lt Kol), PK Tahir (rtd Maj), PK Azman Daud (Lt Kol), PK Nazri (Lt Kol), PK Fuad (rtd Kapt); Sqtg from left; PK Hamdan (rtd), PK Sazali Rauf (Maj), PK Hussein Md Tahir (deceased), me and PKU Razak Mat (Lt Kol)

Watching hockey tournament at Seremban
Front row, from left; PK A.Hasbullah (Lt Gen Dato Seri), PK x, PKU Hasaza (Kol U), PK Amin Nudin and PK Azmi. second row; PKU Razlah (rtd Kapt U), me, PK Fadzil (Mej), PKU Jumali (Lt Kol), and PK Sohemi (rtd Kapt). third row; PK John ak Gila, PK Salihudin (Lt Kol), PK Halim (Brig Jen Dato'), PK Tahar (Lt Kol), PK Mahathir (rtd Kapt), PK Jasni (Maj) and PKU Khairudin (rtd Lt Kol U), forth row: PK Fuad (trtd Kapt), PK x, PK Zainudin (rtd Mej) and PK Aminudin (rtd Maj).

a cut from TJP37 Kasturi Batt photo (RMAF cadets; from left Razak Mat (Lt Col), Saib (retired Maj), me, Sanusi (Col) and Hisham (deceased- he died in accident in RMAF Kuantan 1986- Lt)

with Cadet Officer Kamaruzzaman Wagiman (heli pilot and left as Kapt TUDM in end of 80s)


43.     During Raya Haji, We all were given weekend off. That morning i forgot to read the Part I Order. I went out happily with my friends for Hari Raya. On the way back (by bus) in the late evening, one of my friend shouted at me, "Toha!, you are on duty today!. My blood gone up 'berderau'. My goodness!, I absent guard duty!. I was charged and summarily dealt by my CO (Fathulzaman) and given 7 day Extra Drill. I think, I was the only cadet in TJP37 intake, had been tried and awarded a punishment by the CO due to 'absent from guard duty'. Lesson learned. I think, I was the only Cadet experienced with charged for absent from the place of duty, tried and punishedby the CO. 

44.     Once, I failed to perform my task as a platoon commander during the ambush exercise. After doing the appreciation, we move toattack the CT camp. However we loss the track! we enter the CT parameter (supposed to be killed by the enemy). The whole platoon we punished, deep into the swamp.

 Ladies Cadet 

45.     There were 22 ladies cadet in TJP37. They were first TJP ladies intake in the Armed Forces history. Prior to this all the ladies officers in the Armed Forces were absorbed from the Territorial Army or Voluntarily Service. Their barrack located at Kem Sebatang Karah (near to Tuah Battalion).

46.     Initially the other battalion felt jealous because we were far away from the 'bunga'. However, later we changed our mind due to many reasons; some of them were; SAKIT HATI coz the ladies cadets were given previlages in front of the men counterparts, the men were punished or bullied by the instructors in front of the ladies.

Some of the Ladies Cadets (front row; from left Siti Zaleha (retired Mejar) and Yohanez (now  Kolonel TUDM)

(gambar-gambar skot wanita ehsan dari skot Monica Mowe)

gambar Blok yang dikhususkan untuk 'ladies cadet'. 
(gambar oleh skot Abdul Razak Hussein pada Dis 13)

  Air Force Cadets  

47.     The date of commissioning for TJP 37 was 24 January 1981. For those who were selected to go for overseas cadet training (Sandhurst and Portsea) they only be commissioned after they completed their respective training.  And for the Air Force cadets were divided into two categories.  Those who confirmed for ground officer branches such as Engineering, Supply, Admin and ATC were joining their  army comrades in SPK. All the pilot candidates (those who went through and  passed their Aircrew Medical examination in IAM prior to their reporting to SPK) will only be commissioned after obtaining their flying wings (or date of they being chopped from flying).  However the seniority will be backdated on 24 January 1981. However, the date of seniority remained 24 January 1981.

48.     In the first week of January 1981, we (the flying candidates) were transported to Alor Setar Air Base for our basic flying training.  A 3 tonner from PD to Seremban and continued by train.  Throughout the journey, we were accompanied by SSgt Rahman (Setap Rimau) and finally handed over to the Flying School staff.

49.     Then, our life as a 'Flight Cadet' began. For this, please read the specific topic in later page.

PK Salim K (retired Lt Kol), PK Shamsudin Sulaiman (retired Lt Kol), me & PK Yasib (left PK)

Military Daze!

Most of the vulgar words listed below are 'unacceptable' to the public or layman. I first hear after joining the cadet training. These are the words frequently used by our instructor (especially officers) during the training. End up those words become 'a normal' to our ears.

  1. BLOODY FOOL - bodoh
  2. BLOODY HELL - celaka!
  3. BASTARD - tak guna!
  4. FUCK YOU - kepala hotak kamu
  5. FUCK UP - failure
  6. FUCKER - someone who pisses you off
  7. COCK UP - failure, mess or mistake
  8. COCK STAND - immense pleasure
  9. BULL SHIT - penipu! jangan nak kelentong aku!
  10. FUCK YOUR ASS HOLE - bodoh sangat laaa, ketuk kepala engkau sendiri laaa)
  11. FUCK ALL - buat tak tau, buat bodoh
  12. FUCK OFF - leave me alone, get out off here
  13. FUCKING SHIT - siallllll, aku give up....
  14. YOU FUCKERs - kau orang semua (tak guna punya orang)...
  15. SON OF BITCH - someone being arrogant, rude, obnoxious, or just a total dickhead
  16. TALK COCK - talking nonsense
  17. MUNTAH KE DARAH - 'makan', more accurate 'you eat until you forget, ignore or delay your job'.
Pic in 2009 (hari pengkebumian jenazah almarhum Tuanku Jaafar Alhaj)- THREE IN ONE (TJP 37) : from left Lt Col Abdul Razak Hussein (RAR), Lt Gen Dato' Seri Ahmad Hasbullah A. Nawawi (RMR) and Mej Mohd Ariffin Saimon (RMR).
Razak is our President of S37 Association


Koleksi rakan facebook- dari Batalion Tuah

ikhsan dari rakan-rakan facebook


 Final Phase- Ex-Wira Jaya at the peak of Bukit Broga, Jelebu


50.     The peak or the grand day of every single cadet officer is the 'Commissioning Day'.  It was a long waiting day.  Nine month training from the reporting day of  2 Apr 1980 was really a longest day in our life. It was much more longer than getting through our 11 years schooling day from Standard One till Form Five.

51.     Unfortunately, I unable to write this historic moment of TJP37.  I missed that moment. All the Air Force Flight Cadets became the victim of "New Air Force Policy". 

52.     Prior to this TJP37, all the Air Force cadets regardless of their branch were commissioned together with their comrades from the Army.  They reported to Flying School with their rank of Leftenan Muda (Udara).  Whose brilliant idea had changed the policy?  The new policy said that all the air force cadets have to complete their flying training -get their wings, before qualified for 2nd Lt rank (commissioned). Worse enough, the news were delivered when we (air orce cadets) were already in the rehearsal for the commissioning parade for about a week.

53.     We were the first victims of the stupid policy.

54.     Also joining us for the reahearsal (for commissioning parade) were the Naval Cadet Intake 22 from KD Pelandok, TLDM Lumut. They went through their 2 year training as Officer Cadets and Midshipman.

55.     So, we (the flight cadets) left SPK wistfully and tearfully at the time our comrades busying with their reahearsal for Commissioning Parade on 24 Jan 1981.  Good luck squads. Alas.


  Commissioning Parada for Intake 37 on 24 April 1981 - Unfortunately I was not in.  


Pegawai Kedet Terbaik Keseluruhan TJP37
Pegawai Rendah Kanan (SUO) Mohd Razib bin Atan

Pegawai Kedet Terbaik Intake 22 TLDM
Pegawai Kedet Kanan Burhanuddin Hayati bin Hashim

Pegawai Kedet Terbaik Pengajian Tentera
Pegawai Rendah Muda (JUO) Wanita Sam Fong Seow

Batalion Terbaik
Batalion Jebat


who is my skot?
those were together with me in the reporting day to SPK on 2nd April 1980, those were together with me in the 'hell of orientation day' and those were staying with me and other 'squads'- either throughout 2 April 1980- 24 Jan 1981, or partial of that training period due to relegation, dismissal, voluntarily withdrawal or MIA.... 




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